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White Heat flyer: Organist only.
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Man Without Country + Glitches + Yo Yo Eskimo Live - Orlando Boom takeover latenight!
Tuesday, June 19

Tickets (for the bands only) are £6 Advance:

Live we've got Man Without Country. Here's what Rough Trade Shops have to say about them. "cardiff's man without country specialise in an atmospheric, sometimes uneasy sonic palette - their forte, a dark yet uplifting paradox. glacial guitar ripples are spliced with an eerie synth pulse, yet have the ability to morph into an anthem when you least expect it. packed with a dazzling array of orchestration and digital arpeggios". You can pre-order the album from them here:

Coming Up

Tuesday, September 02

White Heat Club w/ Harry James (Snap Crackle & Pop) Guest DJ.

Tuesday, September 09

Wild Smiles + Tweens + Desperate Journalist + Relics

Tuesday, September 16

Natalie McCool + Being there Live

Tuesday, September 23

White Heat Club

Tuesday, September 30

Many Things + Lovepark + Acrobat Live

Tuesday, October 14

Tess Parks + The Academic + LSA

Tuesday, October 28

Special Guests + Fever the Ghost Live

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