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Get People + Sylver Tongue + Young Dreams
Tuesday, February 21
Get People
Three new bands for us constituting our February pop moment, one playing their first London show, one over from Bergen and one set of proper, honest-to-god locals.

Get People have released a single on Hit Club, toured with Metronomy & been remixed by Crystal Fighters. Something there caught our eye and here they are. "achingly good bit of synth-pop... the stripped back aesthetic and subtle layering gives it a complex fluidity" getpeople 

"Sylver Tongue’s 'Hook You Up' is going on my list of year-end bests. Lusciously wounded vocals headline this purple-toned track, allowing it to possess a naked, sweeping force not unlike the great power ballads of decades past. Except in this one, the power is less about bleating trembling notes than the ability to transform the listener’s mood after one breath. Sure, there are instruments: tambourine clips, watery synths, bubblepop drums, a gauzy bassline—but they’re just a backdrop in front of which our heroine may slink. Lovely, just lovely." - RCRD LBL SylverTongue 

"Fusing Tropicália, psychedelic rock, classical, symphonic arrangements and traditional pop recalling the classic sounds of Brian Wilson and Phil Spector" youngdreamsband 

Tickets are £5 Adv:
http:// ?region=gb_london&query=det ail&event=482469

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